When was the last time you heard from God? Maybe you haven’t heard from him because your ears have been deafened by the silence of loneliness, discouragement or exhaustion. Maybe God’s voice has been drowned out by the hum of to much noise from work, family, church and friends. Perhaps you feel too childish-immature, clueless-to encounter God God cherishes our focused attention and waits for us to learn his voice. Then he waits for our invitation to speak into our lives. Be sure to spend time In the presence of God, ears open. Maybe you feel lonely and discouraged. Maybe the noise of the world drowns out God’s still, small voice. But if you take the time to be still and listen, really listen, in the silence, you’ll hear Yahweh speak your name. Your response can be a simple and childlike invitation, “Speak, for your servant is listening, “


Article From: “Promises for life for women”